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GM lost a lot on EV1, but project pays dividends

The automaker lost money -- a lot of it -- on every one of the 1,117 EV1s leased to customers. But those numbers don't tell the whole story.

GM and CARB skirmished over ZEV rules

Alan Lloyd, former chairman of the California Air Resources Board, reflects on General Motors' electric vehicle efforts and the controversial delay of zero-emission-vehicle targets.

Here's how those who lived the EV1 saga remember it

GM rolled it out 25 years ago, a triumph of electrification that ended in a crushing blow. But the car planted the seed for the industry embrace of EVs now.

Timing may finally be right for EVs

Twenty-five years after GM's short-lived EV1 rolled off the assembly line, the automaker's electric vehicles are front and center.

GM EV1: Technology showcase

From thermal glass to keyless entry, the car featured many technologies considered advanced for their time. It  was built with weight savings and aerodynamics in mind.