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CPO sales rebound amid new-vehicle shortage

Some dealers are forgoing certification to turn used inventory around faster due to high demand.

Lexus sets its sights on younger buyers with redesigned NX

The brand has had two long-standing issues: a widely unloved infotainment system and a clientele that skews far older than those of its luxury competitors.

Toyota engineer: We're making Tundras, not war

"We're not trying to catch up" with domestic competitors, says Mike Sweers, the executive chief engineer for the automaker's trucks.

VW ID4's awd versions go just a little shorter

Two all-wheel-drive versions of the electric compact crossover received EPA range ratings approaching 250 miles, slightly less than the rwd models.

Rivian ready to roll

Rivian will briefly have the electric pickup market to itself before competing products arrive from other automakers.

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