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Ugly demand, meet ugly supply

The automotive market may be on an upward trajectory, but there's no question the industry is in a deep retraction with a long, hard road ahead.

Police Explorers bring the heat to kill virus

Software available on Ford's Police Interceptor Utility vehicles uses the powertrain and climate control systems to heat the cabin to 133 degrees for 15 minutes to bake potential viruses.

Crisis exposes agility gap in supply chain strategy

Modern automotive supply chains are monuments to human capacity to reap rising efficiency from increased global complexity, but the coronavirus exploses a costly lack of adaptability.

In the gloom stands an optimist

Taking a transportation company public ... now? Nikola's Trevor Milton says the timing it right.

Final conversation turns to marketing

Marketing executives Matt VanDyke of Ford, Kimberley Gardiner of Mitsubishi and Dean Evans of will be featured panelists in the final installment of Automotive News' "Congress Conversations" series.