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It's showtime for self-driving shuttles

A number of key global suppliers have moved the ball on self-driving shuttles. Commercial vehicles might be an easier and more receptive starting point for the technologies.

High-tech's Israeli military connection

Defending the small nation of Israel fostered technologies for seeing objects in the dark, protecting assets from cyber attack and deploying AI. It just so happens that the world auto industry now needs some help in those fields.

Inventory levels in line with last 6 years

A strong selling rate in December pushed U.S. new-vehicle inventory levels back down to something more closely resembling an industry sweet spot to start the year.

Two years of trade tumult, and more on the horizon

At the halfway mark of President Donald Trump's term, the auto industry is still coming to terms with the costs of two years of roller-coaster trade policy. And even more turmoil is expected in 2019.

Happy birthday! Now make some money

Bentley celebrates the 100th anniversary of its founding this Friday as Volkswagen's key shareholders give the luxury brand a 1-2 year ultimatum to become profitable.